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Photovoltaic Glass Skylights with shortest ROI in the industry, direct from Savannah Skylights. We design, develop, install and certify our products performance with PV performance that whips the competition.  Savannah-PV uses 'available-light' even if it is not 'direct' sunlight, to produce energy, thus we can be productive up to 12 hours a day, or more.


Our PV Skylight glass performs with the highest light transmission in the industry, up to 80% with optional wattage production.   Glass options are many, Low-E, insulated, frosted, silk screening, patterns, artwork, and more.


Using Solar PV glazing in skylights provided several advantages ...

  • The skylight glazing performs many duties
  • Dual purpose glass reduces investment
  • Improves alternate-energy payback time
  • Contributes to Green Building performance
  • Low price-point against competition
  • Advanced – performance Technology

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