PVS Skylighting
Photovoltaic glass technologies available:      

There is strong evidence to believe  that by 2013, 78% of the newly constructed buildings will incorporate solar energy.

Expected is a steep rise, on a global scale, of the photovoltaic sector and as a direct consequence of this an increased demand in resources and primary material.

Solar applications provide the necessary methods and resources for photovoltaic integration, alongside outstanding and advanced engineering services and supplies the photovoltaic material to its clients.

With the aim of substituting a traditional construction material with one which offers unique characteristics, including production of electricity and high aesthetic value, we have managed to transform the traditional photovoltaic modules in the photovoltaic glass to adapt them for architectural integration in buildings.  Skylights are excellent candidates.

As a consequence of this transformation we are able to customize the photovoltaic skylight glass with a large variety of designs and technology, according to each customer needs.

With the wide range of possibilities which is offered by the photovoltaic market today we can approach any project with confidence having the option of selecting the most appropriate and effective technology in each case, thus providing both better economic benefits for our client and helping to protect the environment.